Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Fall wishlist

My Fall wishlist

Forever 21 sweater / Forever 21 jacket / Michael Kors equestrian boots / Michael Kors knee high platform boots / Forever 21 brown platform boots / Zara boots / MICHAEL Michael Kors tote bag, $420 / Tory Burch brown leather wallet / Marc by Marc Jacobs analog watch / Sole Society khaki hat / Forever 21 hat

It has been a loong time since I have written anything, but I thought Id drop back in and give you all a sneak peak of my fall wishlist! Boots Boots Boots! Comfy cozy hats sweaters and lots of leather bags and wallets!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Mani of the Week/ Baking/ Personal Ish (not the best title I know )

So so much has been going on, I have been trying to loose weight, and I have got to say I've been doing really well! I've been eating healthier and working out more, and baby baby, the numbers on my scale are dipping. On top of that, I've been doing a lot of baking, all healthy of course, but bigger than all that baking seems to really ease my mind and lift my spirits.
Aside from all the fun stuff I have been going through my own personal things, starting over and trying to start a new life has been real difficult. I was so used to a certain routine and going home to a special someone, and now that it's over reacquainting myself is a bit challenging , and I suppose a tiny bit lonely. Any tips ladies on how some of you have managed to pick yourselves up from a rough situation and made it through!
Anyways it's time for bed, I'll talk to you dolls later!
Ciao Muñecas !

Mani of the week: Bond with whomever by Essie and marshmallow  not sure by who

Making my healthy smoothie! Spinach, Mango, Strawberries, Peach and a quarter cup of OJ
Looks yucky, tastes yummy

Grilled Strawberry, Bananas, and Trader Joes Cookie Butter

Healthy food trip!!!

Homemade sugar cookies, homemade frosting!

Oatmeal Chocolate  Chip Walnut Cookies, Pumpkin White Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti

Friday, March 15, 2013

Finding Myself

It can be easy for us to forget about ourselves. We put our jobs or boyfriends/girlfriends ahead of ourselves and that can be really upsetting. For a while I lost myself. I lost myself in a dead end job for two years, I lost myself in unemployment, I lost myself in a relationship. I intend on finding myself again, I'm not quite sure how to do so.
I have so many goals for the future, I want to travel and fall in love, I want to explore, I want to try new things, I want to eat a baguette and drink wine at a bistro in Paris. I dream about having a home with hardwood floors and lots of sunlight peering through.
Perhaps I have to start small and just get used to being alone for a while, and learning how to love me more. Whatever the steps may be, I want to get to know Josiane again. I hope that you can all follow me on my journey.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mani of the Week

So I went with Mint Candy Apple this week from Essie and gold glitter on my ring finger! Mint Candy Apple is extremely popular with many bloggers/ vloggers, so I decided to give it a go!

Sorry for the crappy photo quality

Thursday, February 28, 2013


I like the idea of resolutions, when January 1st hits I feel like a brand new woman who has been given a fresh start  and who has tons of possibilities available to her! The whole idea of resolutions is so cathartic and gives me a wonderful sense of hope and subsequently when I accomplish my goals (resolutions) I feel so good about myself. So I have decided to be selfish and give myself this feeling at the beginning of each month, now here begins the first installment of my

  • Okay, so I need to , need to, need to finish the book Mocking Jay from the Hunger Games trilogy! I love Hunger Games and Catching Fire, and I need to finish Mocking Jay!
  • I resolve to workout at least 3x a week (baby steps) I was doing so good for a while, I was working out, eating well, I lost a good amount of weight, and then, BOOM, fell off. Time to get my sexy back!
  • I know this may seem silly, but one of my goals for March is to be more girly. I have been living this winter in sweats and pony tails and have not been allowing myself to feel sexy or pretty or allowing others to see me as that either! So this month I will be dressing up, doing my hair, and wearing make up, yay!
  • Most importantly this month, I want to QUIT SMOKING! Yellow teeth are not cute, the smell is awful, and truth be told, it gives me migraines... so I'm done!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013



Forever 21 romper / Forever 21 romper / Origins skincare / Real Techniques Real Techniques Stippling Brush by Real Techniques 1..., $12

 I sleep in sweat pants and hoodies, sweat socks and a high bun so I thought these two little rompers from Forever 21 would be absolutely adorable, sexy and still comfortable ! I've also read so many good things about Origins, so I would love to try out their eye cream! Next, this week I received my Real Techniques brushes in the mail, and I will never look back again, haha these brushes are amazing and so super affordable! I didn't buy the stippling brush last time around  and I definitely  need it! Last but definitely not least, I read this week that MAC and Rihanna have collaborated for a collection that will be known as Riri hearts MAC! I believe the collection will have about 31 pieces including lipsticks, eye shadows, and brushes amongst others. I am not exactly sure when they will be released, but I believe the collection will be sold in three portions, the first being in May! (Don't hold me to that though!)