Thursday, February 28, 2013


I like the idea of resolutions, when January 1st hits I feel like a brand new woman who has been given a fresh start  and who has tons of possibilities available to her! The whole idea of resolutions is so cathartic and gives me a wonderful sense of hope and subsequently when I accomplish my goals (resolutions) I feel so good about myself. So I have decided to be selfish and give myself this feeling at the beginning of each month, now here begins the first installment of my

  • Okay, so I need to , need to, need to finish the book Mocking Jay from the Hunger Games trilogy! I love Hunger Games and Catching Fire, and I need to finish Mocking Jay!
  • I resolve to workout at least 3x a week (baby steps) I was doing so good for a while, I was working out, eating well, I lost a good amount of weight, and then, BOOM, fell off. Time to get my sexy back!
  • I know this may seem silly, but one of my goals for March is to be more girly. I have been living this winter in sweats and pony tails and have not been allowing myself to feel sexy or pretty or allowing others to see me as that either! So this month I will be dressing up, doing my hair, and wearing make up, yay!
  • Most importantly this month, I want to QUIT SMOKING! Yellow teeth are not cute, the smell is awful, and truth be told, it gives me migraines... so I'm done!

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Faye_Oliviaa said...

I love making aim for each month, it always gives you something to work toward. I'm always trying to workout more ;) xx